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If you are looking to venture off into the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula area of the world, Luxe Travel Link highly suggests taking a gander at the luxurious Banana Island Resort in Doha, Qatar. Founded in 1825, Doha is the capital of Qatar with a population of roughly 965,000. Twenty minutes from the heart of Qatar’s vibrant capital, a luxury yacht crosses crystal clear water to reach a breathtaking private island resort labeled Banana Island Resort Doha. Vacation in Arabian luxury among 141 suites, pool villas and over water villas setting the mood for romance and unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Banana Island is also family friendly with amenities like a children’s club, kiddie pool, play rooms, babysitting services and even a bowling alley (see pics below). Now if you are a total foodie like myself, you will enjoy the 8 restaurants on-site with an amazing menu!

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Room Rates Starting at $395 per night

Banana Island key Features

  • 5 Star Beachfront Resort
  • 141 Suites and Over Water Villas
  • Private Beach and Pools
  • Private Marina
  • Free Buffet Breakfast Everyday
  • Free WIFI Access

Banana Island Amenities

  • Spa and Holistic Wellness Centre
  • Two Land Surf Pool
  • Children’s Pool with Water Slides
  • Children’s Club
  • 9-Hole Golf Course
  • Cinema Theatre
  • Bowling Alley
  • Indoor Botanical Garden
  • Water Sports and Diving Centre
  • Helicopter Pad

Banana Island Resort Photos

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