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Interested in seeing Bangkok and the majestic landmarks Thailand has to offer from the sea? If so, we highly recommend Anantara’s 3-day luxury cruise and tour of the Ayutthaya Thousand Golden Temples and the Ang Thong Mystic River. There are two cruise boats to choose from… The Dream and The Song. The Dream option is a totally private cruise meaning only patrons on the ship are you and your loved ones. The Song is a shared cruise but with only 4 staterooms total, you will not be sharing with that many other people. Both ships are 100 year old rice barges that were lavishly rebuilt. We personally ventured on the Dream since it was private and had a choice of tours.

Regardless of your personal choice, you will venture passed iconic Thailand landmarks such as the Grand Palace, Temple of Dawn and Royal Barges Boat House as well as exploring a monastery containing Thailand’s largest Buddha image, the Bang Sai Royal Arts and Heritage Centre,  Ayutthaya’s archaeological  and religious ruins and the summer palace of Ayutthaya Kings.

Overall, the voyage was a relaxing and spiritual one for us filled with beautiful landscapes and immensely interesting history.

If you have any specific questions regarding the Bangkok luxury cruises such as boat information, tour specifics, etc., please comment below and we will be happy to respond.

3 Day Cruise Rates Start at $2400 USD

Anantara Dream Cruise Features

  • Private Cruise
  • 2 Staterooms with Private Bathrooms
  • Departs Any Day You Choose
  • Ayutthaya Thousand Golden Temples Tour
  • Ang Thong Mystic River Tour

Anantara Song Cruise Features

  • Shared Cruise
  • 4 Individual Staterooms with Private Bathrooms
  • Departs Mondays and Thursdays
  • Ayutthaya Thousand Golden Temples Tour

Bangkok Luxury Cruise Photos

Hit the high seas to explore majestic, iconic landmarks and more in Thailand while taking advantage of exclusive pricing options.

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